The initial aim of this blog was to report on the progress of a project funded by Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR): “Himalayan corpora” (2013-2016). The project is now officially completed, but project participants retain the same interest in collecting, conserving and exploiting “Himalayan corpora”. So we (erm, mostly Alexis) continue posting on this blog about new achievements and new perspectives.

The image chosen as a banner for this website is from the White Water Terraces (白水台) in Lijiang, Yunnan: a spectacular geological site where deposits of calcium carbonate have created terraces of white pools. This impressive site created by the solidification of invisible particles looked like a fitting visual metaphor for our project: capturing the lightest and most ephemeral of things — the flow of speech, and preserving it in a beautiful form, making it available as an object of study, research, or simple enjoyment.

If you are more interested in the project's output than in its ramblings, go straight to the real thing: the online data sets being put online as part of the Pangloss Collection.



Alexis Michaud

I'm a linguist specialized in phonetics, focusing on un(der-)documented languages.

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Collection data in languages of the Greater Himalayas, and making them available as objects of study, research, or simple enjoyment